McClain's Notes[edit | edit source]

051213[edit | edit source]

  • Bad player 1 start position.
  • Skull raft dead-ending into lava causes bugs. Let it go off the screen. You can open up a path to the side that only the raft will go through or a pit below, whatever works.
  • My big frustration is with the opening portion. I mentioned this before in testing, but the skull rafts and the wonky hit boxes on the lava are super annoying. Is there any way to modify the skulls so you can jump through them? Having the stage criss-cross like that but then hitting your head on the falling skulls is so freaking aggravating! Or use something other than skulls, like a wood block on a line? Something has to give on that opening portion, I think. It's too trial-and-error to just know where you have to stand given the behavior of the skulls.

051613[edit | edit source]

Opening feels a lot more forgiving now. I'm still not crazy about the way skull rafts behave when you are jumping around like that, but I feel like you telegraph where to stand well and it's just a tiny be more forgiving enough to make it feel fair in the challenge. Other bugs appear fixed.

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