This page is meant to serve as a trading post for levels created with [B]Super Mario Maker[/B] by the Talking Time forum.

It is not possible to create an entire game with Super Mario Maker. However, it [I]is[/I] possible to share specific levels with a [B]Course ID[/B]. Courses on this page are sorted and arranged in a suggested playing order. By going through each of them, one after another, you can pretend you're playing a full Mario game created by Talking Time's finest, craziest level designers, with an ascending difficulty curve and everything!


To do: Add rules based on how the editor works

  • Probably want to go for the usual STTB difficulty curve
  • Revising levels based on peer review: Possible? Feasible? Practical?
  • Limit worlds to four levels at a time or just have more than ten?


  • Level Name (Talking Time Forum Name) Course ID

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