McClain's notes


  • The blocks that appear to replace the ball generators when you solve the puzzles cause all kinds of glitches! On the very first puzzle, if you hit the ball and stand still while it bounces around, when the block appears you will glitch through the wall and die.
  • On the first puzzle past the door (green blocks), if you stand where the balls appear you will glitch into the trapped space on the left side, and hopefully be killed by the a still bouncing ball there, or maybe just be trapped forever, I didn't check.
  • Are those stop-blocks really needed? Can you just turn off the generators with the event? 
  • It's possible (and in fact much easier) to beat the second puzzle without hitting the red trigger. I would only worry about this if it makes affects something else later to have not hit that switch.
  • For the first set of para-gofers, you have a small gofer set to fall on your as you take the veritical one up. Not only is this gofer a total bastard to even see, let alone avoid, but if you are big and take a hit on a moving enemy like that, you will glitch through it and die. Not cool. I would just remove that gofer and let the platforming stand on its own there. I'm not sure if you have other similar spots like that later in the level, though. I'll have to check later.


  • Man, why do those switches in the boss fight have to be just high enough that you can't reach them standing still when small? It's really of annoying. I'm going to push for the switches to come down a block. If you  get hit once it's too frustrating to try to make a running jump once the spikes start dropping.
  • I want a wall at the end of the level so the mushroom before the boss fight can't roll off screen